How to groom a cat

Do cats really need groomed? Well, yes they actually do. I know it seems like a cat takes care of all their grooming on their own, after all they give themselves baths, but they occasionally need help from us too. You should be grooming your cat at least once a week. It doesn't have to be a long complicated event though, a simple 5 minutes of brushing is all that's really needed. 

Do cats need help grooming?

Cats are, by nature, clean animals and don’t like being dirty.  This is also true about kittens.  Even the youngest kitty can be seen trying to wash itself.  There are instances during your cat’s life however when it will be unable to groom itself, or it could be that the kind of cat you choose has high maintenance fur (such as a long hair Persian) and needs a little extra help to keep its fur in good condition.

Despite not wanting to be dirty, and despite the constant self-grooming, this does not automatically mean that your cat is going to enjoy you taking part in it's grooming routine. In fact, she may not like it at all! The best way to avoid this is to introduce your kitten to being groomed by you from the very start. If you get into an immediate habit of combing and brushing kitty once a week, then he won’t mind your intervention.