Best cat litter for picky cats

I've always used regular store-bought cat litter. When I got Trixie, my Bengal cat, all that changed. I was told by the breeder to only use natural cat litter pellets. That started us on a several year journey to find a cat litter that absolutely any cat will love to use. Even a picky Bengal!

Bengal cat using litter box

When I heard that original advice from the breeder I thought it was ridiculous. I had been in cat rescue for a dozen years at this point and had raised probably hundreds of kittens and adult cats and they had all done perfectly fine on Tidy Cat, Arm & Hammer or pretty much anything that was at the store or donated to us.

Well, sometimes a cat would refuse to use the litter box if it got too dirty for their liking, but I tried to keep that from happening. Of course picky cats can happen in any breed. I mean they are cats, they're pretty much known for being ornery!

I've never had a cat refuse to use a clean litter box so I assumed that all litter was pretty much the same to all cats. I thought the only difference was how I felt about it and if I preferred clumping or scented etc.