How to groom a cat

Do cats really need groomed? Well, yes they actually do. I know it seems like a cat takes care of all their grooming on their own, after all they give themselves baths, but they occasionally need help from us too. You should be grooming your cat at least once a week. It doesn't have to be a long complicated event though, a simple 5 minutes of brushing is all that's really needed. 

Do cats need help grooming?

Cats are, by nature, clean animals and don’t like being dirty.  This is also true about kittens.  Even the youngest kitty can be seen trying to wash itself.  There are instances during your cat’s life however when it will be unable to groom itself, or it could be that the kind of cat you choose has high maintenance fur (such as a long hair Persian) and needs a little extra help to keep its fur in good condition.

Despite not wanting to be dirty, and despite the constant self-grooming, this does not automatically mean that your cat is going to enjoy you taking part in it's grooming routine. In fact, she may not like it at all! The best way to avoid this is to introduce your kitten to being groomed by you from the very start. If you get into an immediate habit of combing and brushing kitty once a week, then he won’t mind your intervention. 

How to grow cat grass

Whenever my indoor cats get outside for a few minutes they head straight to the grass and start chewing. Cat's aren't exactly like dogs whereas if they head straight for the grass and start eating, they're probably not feeling good. No, cat's actually eat grass even when they feel great. Think of it more like health maintenance.

Grow cat grass

Cats naturally like to nibble on greens. According to Purina cats eat grass for the nutrients, laxative properties or to relieve an upset stomach. Providing cat grass keeps them from getting outside to get at regular grass which may have been treated with chemicalsGrowing your own cat grass also keeps your cats from going after your house plants which may be toxic. 

It's really easy to grow cat grass, in fact it could be the easiest plant you ever grow. You'll just need some seeds, a pot and some dirt...oh and water of course! 

Why does a cat's belly hang?

After a cat is full grown we sometimes notice they have a bit of a belly pooch. It looks like an extra flap of skin and fur that hangs down on their belly area. This often looks like just loose skin but it's more than just that. This is something called the primordial pouch, and it's nothing to be worried about.

Extra skin on cats belly is called a primordial pouch

Even though this flap of loose skin swing side to side and seems like it would be a hindrance to your cat, it's not. This pouch can be present in male or female cats and it also referred to as an abdominal flap or abdominal fold. This pouch is not a result of gaining weight or being spayed. It's actually parts of a cat's defense system.

We all know that claws are a cat's first line of defense from a threat. Teeth are also used as protection but that belly pooch is actually also part of a cats defenses. When cats fight each other they wrestle around and kick each other with their back feet. They will often kick against the other cat's abdomen. This loose flap of skin and fur protects their internal organs from this type of blow during a fight.

How to grow catnip

The two best things to get for your cat is a laser pointer and catnip! They are both amusing for us, and the cat loves them too! Right? Catnip is well known to be a cats favorite and much of my time has been spent watching my cats act crazy once they get their paws on some! Buying organic catnip can get expensive though, so I started growing it myself. 

Grow catnip for your cats

My cats love it and I save money, Win/win, right?

Catnip (Nepeta cataria) is a member of the mint family. It's sometimes referred to as Catmint. When licked, sniffed or injested it seems to produce a euphoria response in cats. Here's an excellent explanation of why it works for cats. It's interesting to note that though catnip winds cats up, it tends to have a calming effect on us instead. 

Some people even make it into a tea for themselves for anxiety!

Is cat health insurance necessary?

Do you have pet insurance for your cat? Many people do not get insurance for their pets and only realise that they need it when a medical emergency occurs and they are suddenly faced with high veterinary bills. Of course, in most situations a cat never needs to see a vet except once a year for shots and a check up. If your kitty does get sick or have an accident though, the bills can add up fast!

Do cats need health insurance?

Pet healthcare insurance is a hot topic with people on  both sides having strong opinions. Is pet health insurance necessary? Well the first thing you need to know, especially if you’ve never owned a pet before, is that veterinary care can cost a lot of money. Especially if your cat gets ill or has an accident. This implies that pet healthcare insurance is a good idea, but wait – don’t go signing that agreement just yet!

How to Kitten Proof your Home

Getting a new kitten is an exciting time. They're just so adorable and fun! Unfortunately they can get into a lot of trouble if you haven't prepared for them. You'll need to kitten proof your home before you bring the new baby home. It's not very hard, but it will require you to get down on the kitten's level and see things from his view. 

Kitten proofing your home

One of the good rules of thumb to apply here is to think about having a toddler around, only a toddler in miniature size! Kittens are mobile and curious but tiny! This means that you need to consider your home in terms of potential kitty hazards before the kitten gets too old and “into everything”.  

How to do a Weekly Health Check on your Kitty

Do you give your cat a weekly health check up? You should! There are lots of health problems that cats can come down with from fleas to injury. You'll want to know exactly what is going on with  your precious kitty, as soon as something is you can decide if she needs vet care or not. 

Weekly health check on cats

In normal conditions you shouldn’t need to take your kitty to the vet more than once a year, unless of course she gets sick or injured. However, there are steps you can take in order to ensure that your cat is in good health year round and that starts with giving her a health check yourself.

Now obviously you won't be doing a vet level examination, but it's important that you check her over for any changes on a regular basis.