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Hi there and welcome to Stripes, Spots and Purrs! I'm Lisa and this blog chronicles my life with Trixie, a Bengal cat my husband bought for me as a gift. Trixie came into my life after I had lost my beloved rescue siamese mix Maggie to cancer when she was only 3 years old! I adored that sweet little girl and thought that I could never fall in love with a cat again.

I was wrong.

Trixie is a very special little girl filled with so much personality and attitude. Like most Bengals she is super smart and very talkative. She enjoys playing, sunbathing and scaring the guinea fowl when she gets outside. She once went into the woods next to our house and didn't come back for almost a month! (I about died! Thankfully she was on our property the whole time.) She comes when called, knows several phrases and has a very strict routine she keeps me to. Morning treats as soon as I get coffee in the morning...breakfast at 10:30 am sharp...good night treats the minute I turn on the bedroom light...and she's already been waiting for me on the bed since 9pm on the dot!  

Trixie has a lot of coats and costumes, travels often and even has her own kitty stroller for when she goes to pet events. We would love to share all the tips and tricks we've learned over the years for traveling with cats, customizing carriers, making costumes and more.

Though Trixie was purchased from a breeder my life has been filled with rescues. Our current dog Lulu was rescued from a friend instead of letting him take her to the pound. Our cat Anastasia was born in my home after I scooped her mama up off the street during a snowstorm. My husbands dog had also been adopted from the Humane society many years back. 

Trixie also has a cat of her own. His name is Thatcher and he was born feral but I trapped him and his siblings at about 4 weeks old and is a great little brother to her! His siblings were fixed and adopted and his mama was fixed and released. I still see her from time to time.

I have been involved in rescue and the TNR of feral cats since 2006. From time to time I'd like to talk about our foster kittens and my involvement in community spay & neuter clinics, of which I volunteer for many! Basically you'll be reading just about anything that goes into life with Trixie the Bengal and a slew of rescues!

One other reason that I started this blog was to help fund the local rescue community. Blogs make money from the ads you see on them and whenever you click affiliate links to other sites. I am donating 10% of the money I receive from this blog to Homeless Cats Of Butler, which helps to spay, neuter and care for the health of local feral cats.

Trixie and I (and the ferals) are glad that you're here!


Bengal cat blogger

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