Why Do Cats Knead?

One of the sweetest things cats do is to 'make biscuits'. It's even more adorable when they do it on your lap or while laying next  to you. Trixie does it every morning while we're still in bed. She purrs so loud while kneading the blankets...that's usually what wakes me up each day!

Cat kneading a blanket

If you think your cat holds you hostage from moving when she's sitting on you just wait till she starts kneading and purring. You're not going anywhere! I mean, how could you disturb such wholesome behavior as a cat pinning you down and loving on you?

While it's an adorable behavior, have you ever wondered 'Why do cats knead?' Kneading or "making biscuits" is a common behavior in felines. Have you ever noticed that your cat appears to knead their cat bed or your lap when they're happy? This motion of pressing their paws back and forth against a surface does imitate the motion you use when you knead bread dough. But, what does it mean?