Gifts your cats want for Christmas

Updated for the 2023 Holiday season!

It seems like every year I get gifts for Christmas that are really for my cats. I don't mean cute cat themed shirts or figurines, those are for me. More like cat toys and treats. Yup, people give me cat toys for Christmas! Does this happen to you too? So this year I decided to write a gift guide for the cats themselves! 

Many of these things were given to me for a gift, so they have been cat tested and approved. 

Cat under a Christmas tree with the gifts she wants!

Cats are pretty easy to buy for, after all they're happy when they have a comfy bed, treats and some toys to bat around a bit. But it's Christmas and I know you really want to spoil them this year! So what can you get to make your cats feel extra loved during the holiday season? Well, yummy treats and fun things to do of course!

The best Christmas gifts for cats

Every single toy and treat on this list has been used and approved of by my cats! Many of them have also been used by the endless stream of homeless cats that move through my garage on their way to a better life. These are definitely all well loved and appreciated items and we're sure your cats will love them too!

Tower of Tracks: 

PetStages makes a toy called Tower Of Tracks and my cats absolutely love theirs! This is a little stack of shelves with balls inside them and the cats just love to bat the balls around inside it. Fun for one or multiple cats and at under $11, not only is it a bargain but it lasts for years! We have the Halloween version, but the regular one is exactly the same but yellow. Still the same amazing toy your cats will love!

2 Cats playing with tower ball toy, bengal & tabby

Cat Tunnels: 

We have this set of 2 tunnels from Pet Magasin and they have held up surprisingly well for 4 years! One tunnel is almost 3 feet long and the other is about 18" long. They both have colorful patterns made of sturdy fabric. Even the Bengal hasn't been able to ruin these and they were under $15! Here's the baby playing in the small tunnel...

Cute kitten wearing a winter sweater playing in a tunnel toy

Cat Springs:

I don't know what it is about these simple toy springs, but cats go crazy for them! They bat them around, carry them around and play for hours. The first set of these I bought was on a whim and I was sure they would never play with them. Now, I've bought 3 sets because they love them so much I had to buy more for the feral fosters and the kitten fosters! For a pack of 10 in multiple colors for under $4, you can't beat that!

Make a kick stick:

You can make an easy catnip kick stick for your furry best friend for a fraction of what you would pay for in the store. Your cats will love wrestling, playing and most important ... bunny kicking these fun toys! You just need some fabric, poly filling, catnip and a sewing machine. Here's the complete Catnip Kick Stick tutorial.

Cat playing with a kick stick toy, homemade

Cat wheel: 

A few years back my husband bought the One Fast Cat exercise wheel for me and our Bengal for Christmas. She absolutely loves it and now the former feral we adopted loves it too! These giant wheels are great for giving your cat an outlet for excess energy. Many different companies make these wheels in various price points, so do your research before deciding on a company to buy from!

Bengal cat running on giant cat wheel

Shark bed: 

I bought this shark bed for my cats several years ago and it has held up wonderfully! It now resides in the garage where the feral kittens play and sleep in it. It gets a ton of use and can be thrown in the washing machine! The pad inside is removable, so really you should only have to wash that part. But I have washed the whole thing a few times and it still holds it's shape, plus it's just funny to look at!

2 cute kittens in a shark shaped cat bed.

Grow your cats a plant!

Your cats will be in love if you grow them their own catnip plant. It's super easy to do and since catnip can grow indoors year round, they'll never be out of what we call "the magic plant!" 

You can also grow them cat grass. It's super cheap to grow it instead of buy it and many indoor cats love it! Here's how to grow your own cat grass from wheat seed.

Christmas treats for cats

Of course your cats want treats for Christmas! Don't all cat's love treats?

Soft Spots: 

These treats are a little more expensive than most but my cats adore them! The Soft Spots by Racheal Ray Nutrish are their favorite bed time treat. Made with real salmon, these are an especially good choice for older cats or those with dental issues, though all cats seem to love them!

Greenies Dental Treats: 

My sister-in-law gave met a tub of these for a gift last Christmas and even after giving them to my cats almost daily, there is still a bunch left! It's more economical to buy 1 large tub then multiple small bags of treats over the year, plus these are good for the cats dental health and they love them! They're super affordable too!

Temptations Purrree Sticks: 

These little tubes of Temptations lickable treat are going to be your cats favorite snack! If your cat likes canned food he will love these! I'm pretty sure they're just pureed canned food, but they come in these little snack sized tubes and cats adored them. This is a 16 pack, 8 salmon and 8 chickens tubes.

Make your own cat treats!

Your cat will love these cat crackers, and you can whip them up anytime!

Cat Crackers Recipe
6 ounces of undrained tuna
1 cup cornmeal
1 cup flour
1/3 cup water

Preheat the oven to 350 degrees. Measure all of the ingredients into a bowl and mix thoroughly with your hands. Roll out to 1/4 inch thickness and cut into treat sized pieces. Place on a greased cookie sheet. Bake for about 20 minutes or until golden. Let cool and store in airtight container. 

Since there's no preservatives added, these will keep longer in the refrigerator.

Well, there you have it...all the things my cats love for Christmas! What are your furry friends getting for the holidays?


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