Is cat health insurance necessary?

Do you have pet insurance for your cat? Many people do not get insurance for their pets and only realise that they need it when a medical emergency occurs and they are suddenly faced with high veterinary bills. Of course, in most situations a cat never needs to see a vet except once a year for shots and a check up. If your kitty does get sick or have an accident though, the bills can add up fast!

Do cats need health insurance?

Pet healthcare insurance is a hot topic with people on  both sides having strong opinions. Is pet health insurance necessary? Well the first thing you need to know, especially if you’ve never owned a pet before, is that veterinary care can cost a lot of money. Especially if your cat gets ill or has an accident. This implies that pet healthcare insurance is a good idea, but wait – don’t go signing that agreement just yet!

Does your cat need health insurance?

Before committing to a particular healthcare plan for your kitten, make sure that you collect information from various companies. You can pick up pamphlets at vet offices and animal shelters, or look them up online. Spend some time reading through each one and take some notes about the types of benefits each insurance company offers. You'll also want to note what is not covered by the policy. This could include specific chronic conditions such as allergies, diabetes and asthma.

Once you know what each insurance covers, and how much they cost, and more importantly what their policy doesn’t cover, you can start to see which policy(s) stand out from the rest as being good possibilities. Before you sign up for anything check on the internet for any reviews the company has for its pet insurance. 

health insurance for cats

See what other people who have used them as healthcare insurance for their cats have to say. Social media is great for reaching out to friends and family and getting opinions on which plans work for them and why.

Finally, read the small print. Will they cover your kitty for the same amounts and same illnesses throughout her entire life, or will it change as she gets older? That is to say, when she starts to have age related health issues, will the insurance company still have the same good benefits and prices or will there be exemptions and higher excesses for you to pay once she needs the insurance in her old age? 

If that is the case, you may decide that it’s worth the peace of mind just to insure your kitty anyway. At least you'll know that things are going to get more expensive as she gets older. 

Cat health insurance coverage

You could also decide to forgo the insurance. In this case all medical expenses will have to come out of pocket at the time they are incurred. This isn't a big deal for most yearly services your cat will need. Routine annual check-ups and shots are excluded from the policy anyway. You could get stuck though if your cat has an accident and needs expensive surgery. Many vets won't do surgery without upfront payment which could become a problem. 

Some people prefer to not buy the insurance and instead create a special account to save money for these expenses if they come up. Others still take the hope for the best approach and just plan to pay out of pocket. Many cats live their whole lives without needing anything but routine shots and spay/neuter services so it's understandable why some people think pet insurance is not necessary.

It all comes down to personal choice. By figuring what pet health insurance offers, you can make the best decision for you and your cat!

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