How to Kitten Proof your Home

Getting a new kitten is an exciting time. They're just so adorable and fun! Unfortunately they can get into a lot of trouble if you haven't prepared for them. You'll need to kitten proof your home before you bring the new baby home. It's not very hard, but it will require you to get down on the kitten's level and see things from his view. 

Kitten proofing your home

One of the good rules of thumb to apply here is to think about having a toddler around, only a toddler in miniature size! Kittens are mobile and curious but tiny! This means that you need to consider your home in terms of potential kitty hazards before the kitten gets too old and “into everything”.  

Kitten proofing your house

Although there are some things that you’d have to do to create a safe home for your toddler that aren’t necessary for a kitten (such as outlet covers and drawer locks), there are a few things you should take a look at with a critical eye as to whether or not they present a danger to your kitty. 

It might be useful to get down to kitty level to get a better look at what could be problematic. Lay on the floor in each room the cat is allowed in and look around at everything!

If it’s hanging, trailing or it moves then it’s a toy to your kitten! Make sure that you tie up all loose wire and cords, or use cable tacks and attach them firmly to walls or along the baseboard, counter top, up desk legs, etc so that there’s nothing to attract your cat’s attention. 

If he pulls a cord on your alarm clock, or computer keyboard, there’s a big possibility that the item will end up on the floor and need replaced even if the kitten is unharmed. It makes sense to prevent this happening.  

To kitten proof house, remove cords!

Trailing plants such as ivy may also need to be secured, although if kitty finds it, this could be just as hazardous to the plant as the kitten! Not all plants are safe to have around cats, some are poisonous. Check out this list of 20 plants to avoid when you have cats from Plant Care Today.

A kitten can also easily find itself entwined in hanging fixings such as the cords on window treatments. Tie these up out of the kitten’s way so he can't even reach it. If he doesn’t see it moving, he won’t be attracted to it. 

Also make sure there are screen in each and every window. We wouldn't want her to fall out while trying to get a look at the great big world outside!

When kitten proofing house, check windows

Kittens are drawn to small things that sparkle but which can be lethal if they swallow them, so put your jewelry away in a box where he can’t see it. Keep rings and other jewelry where the kitten can't get to them.

Other small things such as paper clips, rubber bands, thumb tacks, etc are all possible toys that are dangerous to your kitten. Use common sense when finding a place to store these once you have a kitty in your home.

Although kittens can’t open bottles or containers which have poisonous liquids in them, it is possible for them to poison themselves by consuming toxic substances in other formats so be careful where you spray bug spray, put out bait for rodent or bugs and keep cleaning materials where your kitten can't get to it. 

Keep chemicals inside a cabinet where kitten can't reach it. If he knocks a bottle off an open shelf it could split and spill. While he probably won't try to drink spilled cleaner, it might get on his paws which he would then lick to clean off.

This may seem like being overly cautious, but before you switch on any appliance such as the microwave, oven, washer or dryer, make sure that the kitten hasn't found its way inside! Especially the dryer! A kitten loves to find a warm place to nap, and it will seek out the warm places in your home. A quick check will ensure a tragic accident doesn’t occur.

Kittens are tiny and fragile, and they have no concept of danger, so limiting the amount of potential hazards will create a safer environment for your kitten to explore and ensure you have a long, happy life together!


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